French Film Festival

French Film Festival - 3 days in May at Deckchair Cinema, Darwin

with the Alliance Française de Darwin and Deckchair Cinema

The Alliance Francaise French Film Festival is an annual event occurring Australia-wide and is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture over 3 big nights. Join us to watch the best of recent French cinema at Deckchair Cinema!

Each night food will be provided, with De La Plage offering French food on one of the nights.

N’oubliez-pas ! If you are a current AFD member, you may purchase the Alliance Francaise member tickets on the deckchair cinema website for only $10.00. Your membership card will be checked when you arrive for the session so make sure you download it and have it ready! Not a member? Find out how to become a member. 

This is a celebration of French cinema at its best so be sure to attend!

Tickets are available on the 
Deckchair cinema website. Book Now!

   2024 Program

Opening Night Thursday 9th May

The Taste of Things

(145 mins)

Thursday 9th of May - 7pm

The year is 1885 and Academy Award winner Juliette Binoche (The English Patient) plays Eugénie, a renowned cook with no equal. Benoît Magimel (The Piano Teacher) is Dodin, a brilliant epicure whose ideas for recipes when combined with Eugénie’s talents, create culinary magic. The talented duo form a partnership that extends beyond the kitchen, establishing a friendship that occasionally evolves into something more. Can Dodin’s outstanding culinary instincts and desire for a deeper connection persuade Eugénie to marry him?

Winner Best Director Award - Cannes Film Festival 2023
Best Cinematography - Lumiere Awards
France’s entry for Best International Feature Film at the 2024 Academy Awards

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Friday 10th of May

A Chance to Win

(97 mins)

Friday 10th of May - 7pm

In the picturesque South West of France, two villages have long been rivals. Particularly when it comes to rugby. Long-harboured resentments and pettiness find expression via scrums and tackles.

As their 100th match nears, the arrival of asylum seekers injects a new dynamic into village life. Where some villagers harbour suspicion, others see opportunity and the newcomers are enlisted to bolster chances of victory on the field. Could this unexpected alliance on the field pave the way for a triumphant reconciliation off the pitch?

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A Difficult Year

(108 mins)

Friday 10th of May - 9pm

Both in debt up to their necks, Albert and Bruno have turned to a community worker to try and help get a grip on their lives. However, at one of their group sessions, they stumble into an adjoining meeting room hosting a gathering of young social activists, led by a vivacious organiser.

Attracted more by the free beer and chips than the group's struggle against consumerism and protection of the environment (whilst acknowledging the hugs are quite nice), Albert and Bruno join the movement without any particular conviction, but soon sense an opportunity... if they don’t get arrested first.

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Saturday 11th of May

A Great Friend

(95 mins)

Saturday 11th of May - 7pm

A tantalising blend of culinary delights and human bonds in this unexpected bromance. Vincent a hyperactive and successful businessman, is the founder of the largest European dating site. Meanwhile, Pierre lives in seclusion like a true hermit in the mountains, accompanied by his dog and distanced from the modern world he has long renounced.

When these two polar-opposites unexpectedly cross paths, their encounter disrupts their lives and prompts questions about their radically different lifestyles. Are they genuinely content?

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The Nature of Love

(111 mins)

Saturday 11th of May - 9pm

Sophia, a 40-year-old philosophy professor, is in a long-term stable but somewhat socially-conforming relationship with Xavier, her intellectual equal but a man who is more her best friend than lover.

Sylvain is the working-class contractor hired to renovate their holiday home in the Canadian woods. Despite their vast differences, Sophia and Sylvain share an electrifying, creative, and uncontrollable sexual chemistry and an unpredictable affair begins.  Questioning the nature of monogamy and skewering the conventions of the traditional rom-com, the film radiates with wit and passion.

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