French Bilingual Classes

Was your child born in a bilingual family or is a fluent French speaker?

The Alliance Française de Darwin offers classes for bilingual children who wish to keep up with the French school curriculum

Depending on their level of French speaking we might direct your children to a FLE class instead. Our classes are designed to suit the level of each children as their level of French will differ depending on their exposure to French language. 

We are using the FLAM (Français Langue Maternelle) curriculum as well as the French Education curriculum for reading and grammar. We understand that your children might want to study or live in France or any Francophone countries so we want to work with you to prepare him/her for it.

Our teacher is a native French speaking teacher with experience in teaching French to bilingual children.

Enrol below, let's have fun and  create new friendships in French!

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French Kinder (3-5yo)

Regular Courses
This class is aimed at 3 to 5 year old bilingual students. French Kinder learn French through a range of fun and playful activities such as games, songs, art and crafts. Each Session, they will also read books and learn some related vocabulary (numbers, colours, animals, emotions, transport, musical instruments, etc.).
Pace: 45 min weekly

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