The Alliance has a library available to members.

As a member, you are free to borrow books from our library!

We also offer DVDs and comics !

Reading is an important part of the learning process. You can enter a new world, discover a new author while consolidating your reading skills! It is easier to remember vocabulary, conjugation and grammar while being immersed into a great story.

Come and discover our selection and the wonders of reading in French.

Our library gathers a lot of different books suited to all audiences : kids and adults, beginners and advanced levels.
The library contains among others French classics such as L’Étranger from Albert Camus or Au bonheur des Dames from Émile Zola, but also quite a large collection of crime books and thrillers such as Fred Vargas’ and the famous classic from Agatha Christie.


The Alliance is constantly searching for new reading material.
Our library exists mainly thanks to associations’ donation and private donations! We will gladly accept to take your books, comics and DVD you wish to part with.

To do so, you can contact us here or on Facebook. Merci !

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